Thursday, February 14, 2008

Do christians believe what they say?

     This is actually a serious question. I wonder if christians already see themselves as condemned but think their torment will be lessened if they help bring more victims. It would explain why they seem so desperate to make new believers and why many of them will ignore anyone they see as a "lost cause."
     The main christian claim is even problematic if taken at face value. If you look at it closely, you find that it is saying that if you turn yourself over to Jesus you will be transformed into a "new creature" that has eternal life. I don't want a "new creature" to take over my body. And what happens to the old me?
     I don't see how the claims of christianity can withstand the light of day. Yet christians claim eveeryone else is "in darkness."


Sye TenB said...'s 'New Creation," bud.

Drew said...

There you have it! Sye has answered all of your questions!

I mean, I know you don't want your body taken over by a new creature, but to be taken over by a 'new creation,' well sure!

Dan +†+ said...


but think their torment will be lessened if they help bring more victims.

Nope, not at all. My breaking the Law and deserved punishment has been exonerated by the sacrifice of Jesus. Completely and forever.

Out of gratefulness and a true love for you as a person that I don't want to see burn in hell forever, I give you the Gospel. I have and do plead with God to change your heart because there is nothing I personally can do to do such a thing. God gets all the credit. I just can't stand the thought of anyone spending any amount of time in hell with the exception of possibly an unrepentant child rapist.

Dan +†+ said...

Who could stand passively on a river bank hoping a drowning person will be drawn to him so that he could then rescue him?

We seek to save the lost by actively pursuing you, If I was burning in a building or drowning in a river I would hope you would do the same for me.