Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dan's courage seems to have left him.

     Back on 6 Dec, last year, I gave Dan credit for allowing dissenting comments to stand on his blog. At the time, I stated that it meant that he had the courage to let his followers see what the opposition had to say. Well, now he has effectively abandoned that blog and says "the conversations are going on elsewhere" and his critics aren't invited. I suppose it just goes to show that christianity is deathly afraid of dissent.


D.A.N. said...

You do understand you are complaining about someone that is having conversations elsewhere, on another persons blog, other then your own. Hmm, hypocrite much?

You come to my blog, how is that not the same as what I do, that you're complaining about?

Pvblivs said...


     I am referring to your specific comment (directly applicable to Alex but apparently applicable to any non-christian) that he "wasn't invited." You are now deciding to holdy your "conversations" exclusively in places where dissenters can't comment and can't find.
     I am not complaining that you choose to comment on other people's blogs. That is either a misunderstanding or a deception on your part. I am complaining about your decision to block out dissent. If you weren't shutting out dissent Alex would not be "not invited," and you would probably have identified the relevant blogs (at least once you came to saying the conversations were "going on elsewhere.")
     "You come to my blog, how is that not the same as what I do, that you're complaining about?"
     My coming to your blog is not hiding behind a wall of "no dissent." This is especially true as I am a dissenter. Does that answer your question satisfactorily?