Friday, June 03, 2011

Rhomphaia cannot answer a question.

     As you can see, she just has Norman lie about its contents. I asked Rhomphaia, if Norman has the "non-christians playbook" as she claims, why does he keep setting up strawmen. She couldn't answer the question, so she deleted it and had Norman claim that I insulted him. Well, pointing out that he uses strawmen when he uses strawmen is not an insult. And there is nothing else there that can rationally be interpreted as an insult. Of course, the key word here could be rationally. Perhaps they are inventing something out of their imaginations.


     I find it rather amusing that he says that lies will not be tolerated when he is the one lying and deleting posts to cover it up.

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Paul Baird said...

I gave up once and now I've given up for a second time with QQQ.

It's just a very silly blog now.