Monday, July 20, 2009

Copy of post at "Atheist Central"


     I see you deleted my comment again. My comments have, of course, never violated your stated rules. But I do realize that you use pretense because you know that Jesus is just a lie you use to make your money.
     If someone gives an answer that you consider wrong, that is something to refute. Showing an answer to be wrong is a refutation. So, if you acknowledge that answers have been given to your "nothing created everything" play on words and you state that there is nothing to refute, you must believe the answers to be correct.


     I mentioned a play on words in my response to Ray. There are two possible meanings to the expression, "nothing created everything." It can be an assertion that there was no creation event to the universe at large, with which most atheists would agree. Or it can state that first there was nothing and that somehow that the nothing was an active creator, which is what Ray lyingly insists it means, once he hears no objections.


     I am reprinting this here as Ray is likely to delete the post again.

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