Sunday, January 25, 2009

How secure are you in your beliefs?

When looking for information about your beliefs, do you confine your search to sources that already agree with you? YES __ NO __

Do you ignore claims and evidence if made or presented by someone who disagrees with you? YES __ NO __

Do you encourage others to ignore anyone who disagrees with you? YES __ NO __

Do you refuse to consider the possibility that your belief is wrong? YES __ NO __

Do you insist that your belief is a necessary precondition for logic? YES __ NO __

Do you claim that anyone who opposes your beliefs must secretly believe them without knowing anything else about such a person? YES __ NO __


5-6 YES: You are completely insecure in your beliefs. They are nothing but a pretense. You shield them desperately because you afraid reality will shatter them.

4 YES: You are somewhat insecure in your beliefs. You fear the possibility of being wrong.

3 YES: You are not really secure or insecure in your beliefs.

2 YES: You are somewhat secure in your beliefs. You are confident that they will withstand scrutiny, but may have difficulty if they should prove to be false.

0-1 YES: You are totally secure in your beliefs. You believe them on the best evidence currently available to you. You are confident they will withstand scrutiny. You are also willing to change your beliefs if new evidence shows they are wrong.

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Stallions said...

Easy way to tell if you have right beliefs is to take part in a discussion or a debate.

If you fear a debate, then you are shakey.

Only insecure people flee from debates.

One with truth never flees.