Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yeah, it's been a while.

     I will just make a few brief comments to some replies that I got. My analogy regarding the sun coming from the west is not flawed. It exactly the correct impression. When strong believers in evolution give a "potential falsifier," they give something that is impossible. They do not give something that one might expect in a hypothethical world in which evolution is false but we have our existing observations. They believe that it is impossible for evolution to be false and they pick an impossible observation. Now, one might consider my perception to be in error. But my analogy correctly states it.
     Yes, you have all told me that the authority figures have decided evolution is true. But that is about the extent of your showing me my idea is wrong. I have stated before what would convince me otherwise. No one has stepped up with such evidence. I have gotten "we say so," "scientists say so," "who do you think you are?" and "conspiracy theory." All of these are designed to distract from the idea of mine (which you insist is not only wrong, but stupid.) And none of these actually address it.
     No comments to this post. I am tired of the personal attacks and have no reason to believe anything else will be given. I can accept that people disagree with me. I am quite happy to read arguments against my position. I do not care for the personal attacks and distractions.