Thursday, March 27, 2008

I am posting a comment here I made on another blog.

     The blog is "Comfort Food; Ray Comfort's blog". I am copy-posting my comment here because I expect him to delete it. Anyone interested in the context should check the thread A Blogger's Confession.

"Ray Comfort:

     " No, I haven't been using a name at all. I have been using a noun. It is the same noun used to describe mythical beings in other religions. You have apparently deleted my posts because I will not embrace your lie. If you serve a father of lies, leave the posts deleted. All will understand. If you do not, restore the posts.


     "You are quite correct. I refuse to capitalize a common noun and thus embrace a lie. But I was willing to compromise. Ray knows I was not using anyone's name, nor a substitute for anyone's name. I explained this in another post; but he deleted it in a dishonest manner."

     The fact is that when the word "god" is used as a noun, it is not a name at all. It is a noun that has been used to describe many fictional beings. (At any rate, I have no reason to believe they are not fictional.) No one ever complains about the use of lower-case unless it is a reference to his god. Seriously, does anyone see a problem with the claim that Mars was a Roman god?

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Reynold said...

Hah! You should see the comment I left on his blog before I removed it. I can't believe that it got past!

If you want, I can email a jpeg of it it to you.

It has to do with that April Fool post of his, after he'd asked "Kay" what she meant by him constantly bashing atheists.

It's probably just as well that I took the comment off, I'd have been banned if I left it on, but damned if I know why they let that one stay. Oh well, so long as Ray saw it, that's all I need.