Saturday, December 29, 2007

Greetings from outside

There is much questioning on the topic of whether there is something beyond this life, beyond this world which we see. In essence, it is a question of whether there is an "outside." I actually believe that there is. I also believe that there is an intelligence behind the universe as a whole. (No, I can't prove it. It's just a gut-feel belief) Even though I believe these things exist, I believe it is useful to act as though they do not. I will attempt to explain by analogy. There are many games out there in which one plays a character that lives a life in a virtual world. We (on the outside) certainly know that those worlds have "outsides." In playing the game, however, people act as though there were no outside. I believe the world we experience here is similar to that. I also believe the organized religions (especially the ones whose members try saying they are not religions) are hogwash.

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Anonymous said...

I see your point I was hurt by Christians once and religion as a whole is corrupt I don't care if others judge me. I do my thing if they say I am in sin well thats between me and God. If my conscience tells me it is ok I am going to do it. Many don't know this but I run an internet radio station now most Christian would judge me but I have no issues with it I let them judge. I will not go to any church because its nothing nice anymore. I will say I believe the bible to be inspired and will defend my position. One last thing you are more than welcome to come by my station at anytime if you want the link let me know. I can email it or post it here.